Phase 2

Deadline: 2015 dec. 15


Title of Phase 2:Study of the behavior and influence on wheat diseases



The specific objectives of the phase:


(1)2.1 Elaboration and achievement of obtaining method for unconventional biofungicide treatment of straw cereals seed in controlling the main pathogenic and toxigenic fungi (EM) – final.

1.  Loredana SUCIU, Raluca MICLEA , Rozalia KADAR , Carmen PUIA, 2015, The Influence of Fungicide Treatment on the Production and the Quality of Several Autumn Wheat Varieties, Bulletin USAMV series Agriculture 72(1)/2015.

2.  Puia Carmen, 2015,  Noi provocări în domeniul bolilor plantelor în contextul schimbărilor climatice actuale, A XXXIV – a ediţie a Conferinţei Naţionale a Societăţii de Protecţia plantelor Transilvania – perioada 28-29 mai 2015  

(2) 2.2 Elaboration and achievement of unconventional biofungicidesfor treating straw cereals seed in controlling the main pathogenic and toxigenic fungi (EM) – initial.

(3) 2.3 Elaboration and achievement of unconventional BIONEC methods for straw cereals seed treatment used in the control of main toxigenic fungi, whit impact on the quality – final.

(4) 2.4 Physico-chemical characterization of the biofungicide BIONEC - initial

(5) 2.5 Partial results dissemination

Scientific and technical report containing: D2.1 Obtaining method of unconventional biofungicides; D2.2 Unconventional biofungicides for the treatment of the cereals seed; D2.3 Unconventional BIONEC methods for the treatment of cereals seed; D2.4 Physico-chemical characterisation report of the BIONEC biofungicide (from the raw material components point of view); D2.5 Articles (1); Communications (1)


(1)After the identification of four species of pathogenic and toxigenic fungi (Alternaria sp., Fusarium sp., Penicillium sp., Aspergillus sp.) from the kernels of three wheat cultivars was isolated a bacterial strain. The bacterial exudates developed on the kernels, in a wet chamber was collected and inoculated on the nutrient medium. In the same time were obtained other nine hydroalcoholic extracts which will constitute the components of the biofungicid (A 1.3). These extacts were tested in vitro on the fungi isolated in the first phaseand on the new isolated bacterial strain.

(2) In this phase there were tested oregano, cinnamon and thyme essential oils.  It was isolated fungal strains of the Trichoderma genra for using them as biological control agents.

(3) The following extracts were validated: ►Apium graveolens, Carum carvi and cinnamom essential oil against Alternariasp. ►Apium graveolens, Carum carvi, Chelidonium majus and oregano, cinnamon, thyme essential oils – against Aspergillus sp. ► oregano, thyme essential oils and the tinctures of  Carum carvi and Apium graveolens against Penicillium sp. ► essential oils of oregano and thyme, the tinctures of  Carum carvi, Apium graveolens, Chelidonium majus and  Allium ursinum against Fusarium sp. ►The most of the tinctures had an inhibitory effect against the bacteria isolated from the wheat kernels.

(4) The results obtained in this phase were disseminated through communication and the website has been upgraded (A 2.9).










Here you can download documentation of the project with number PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-1857.



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