Phase 1

Deadline: 15 dec. 2014


Title of Phase 1: Realization of a unconventional biofungicide ant it’s treatment method




(1) study - Documentary study on unconventional biofungicide and treatment methods on cereal seeds

1 Paper to be published

Alexandra SUCIU, MICLEA Raluca, ŞOPTEREAN Laura, KADAR Rozalia, HAŞ I, PUIA Carmen, The behavior of wheat varieties, under different Fusarium spp. infection conditions, AN. I.N.C.D.A. FUNDULEA, VOL. LXXXII 2014, GENETICA ŞI AMELIORAREA PLANTELOR


(2) method – Concept of obtaining unconventional biofungicide method (partial)

(3) treatment - Concept unconventional biofungicide treatment on cereals seed (partial)

(4) method - Concept BIONEC unconventional treatment methods to seed cereals (partial)

(5) scientific and technical report containing:documentary study on unconventional biofungicide and treatment methods on cereal seeds, methods of isolation of toxigenic fungi on seeds of cereals, isolates fungus cultivation methods on nutrient media, extracts and isolated fungi in vitro testing, physical-chemical, physical-mechanical and mineralogical analysis upon tuff samples as support/inert substrate for biofungicide BIONEC.


(1)  He made a documentary study on unconventional biofungicidele and treatment methods on cereal seeds used in combating of major toxigenic fungi for establishing how to approach project work.

(2)  From the three varieties of wheat kernels have been identified and isolated four species of pathogenic and toxigenic fungi. Isolation of fungi was performed on agar medium by collecting spores developed on seeds placed in moist chamber. Identified and isolated pathogens are: ► Alternaria triticina and Alternaria tennuis; ► Aspergillus spp.; ► Penicillium spp.; ► Fusarium spp. There are under containment other species of pathogenic and saprophytic fungi from the kernels of wheat and barley.

(3)  In parallel with the isolation of pathogens and toxigenic fungi were obtained 19 extracts constituting components for biofungicide, which were tested in vitro on isolated fungi. Were validated: Allium sativum, Arnica montana,Hypericum perforatum, Picea spp., Alium sativum, Aloe paradisiacum, A. marlotii, Propolis tincture and Tee Tree and Neem essential oils. There are under containment other plant extracts which will be tested in vitro on isolated pathogenic fungi and in vivo on seeds for sowing.

(4)  In parallel, he investigated the possibility of achieving an inert substrate, support for biofungicide BIONEC allowing optimum application or seed treatment before sowing. It will consist of zeolite tuff from Bârsana area.

(5)  The results of the phase were disseminated through communication and publication.

(6)  He realized the project website ( containing all the information on the project: expected results, partners. It will be upgraded for the duration of the project.




Here you can download documentation of the project with number PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-1857.



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